Tiany's Kato

British Shorthair
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Kleur : Cinnamon Point Bloedgroep : A/b
Ouders Grootouders Overgrootouders Overovergrootouders
  • Granny's Happy-Go-Lucky
  • British Shorthair
Ch. Granny's Educated Guess
  • British Shorthair
Ch. Fringe von Fat Velvet Bags
Ch.Yesterday von Fat Velvet Bags
Misery von Fet Velvet Bags
Granny's Xanadu
World Ch.Granny's Ready to Rumble
Gr.Int.Ch. Granny's Editor's Choice
Granny's Dry Martini
  • British Shorthair
World Ch.Nedercats Benz at Home
Malsome Realmccoy
Nedercats Absolutely Faithful
Ch.Granny's For Your Eyes Only
Kandis vom Grutholz
Ch.Granny's Art of Entertainment
  • Tiany's Esmée
  • British Shorthair
Gr.Eur.Ch.Amadeus van La Dolce Far Niente
  • British Shorthair
Int.Ch. Finn Von Reich
World Ch. Diogenes Von Rosenzweig
Tishler's Sweet Harmony
Ch.Katinka van 't Elzenhof
Ch. Chateauclaire Tip Top
Pipa Van 't Elzenhof
Charlotte du Vinclair
  • British Shorthair
Amigo d'Amore van Kerosita
Purrisimo Misterfawn
Bagoas Kiss Me Capriolla
Clair du Vinclair
Ch.Syriam's Mr. Bumble
Misty Fantasy Moments van Landsheer